Friday, December 7, 2012

Inside The Wardrobe: What Is Plaid?

Whenever I say "plaid" here, I get strange looks.

Apparently, the American "plaid" is the British "check".


Personally, when I think of checkered print, I think of a checkered (racing) flag. More of a distinct tessellation, less of an overlapping pattern. (I can't believe I just used the word tessellation. #MathNerd)

But going on the "I'm in England and speak English" thing, I shall use the word checkered. 

I LOVE checkered prints. I secretly wish I had a uniform in school so I could have worn polo shirts, checkered skirts, and knee high socks. Call me crazy.

But nowadays, anytime I wear checkered shirts with my glasses (too lazy for contacts most days), I get called a wannabe hipster. (As opposed to any other day where I just get called Amy Farrah Fowler. PICK A SIDE, PEOPLE! I CAN'T BE BOTH!) For the record, I'm not a wannabe hipster. Just a girl with poor eyesight.

So I'm going to go with a more subtle checkered print.

I really like layers as the weather gets colder. I think check shirts go great under plain jumpers with the collar over the top and the checkered sleeves rolled up over the jumper's sleeves.

(Since the red is a bit of a contrast to the green trousers, I'd definitely keep the check shirt tucked in but leave the jumper out.)

And how cute is that dog necklace??? I know normally I'm an owl fiend, but I couldn't resist this little pup! 

How do you like to style check/plaid prints?? 
And totally off topic, do you have a celebrity look alike? Do people constantly tell you that you look like someone else?? (Like I get, "hey, you look like that girl from The Big Bang Theory!")

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  1. hahaha i don't know who you've been talking to but i'm pretty sure we do say plaid - especially in relation to skirts/kilts... "scotch plaid", "tartan plaid" (maybe boys, because they have no idea?! i just checked with one if he knew what i meant by plaid and he said "yeah, pleated". doh!)

    1. Oh cool! I clearly hang with a silly crowd then!! And just when I thought I was starting to think I sounded like I know what I'm talking about, England throws me a curve ball. Damn. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. haha how appropriate - a Scottie on the necklace! too cute :)

  3. i definitely refer to it a plaid but i would know what someone meant if they said a "checked shirt". so funny that there are so many differences between the two languages :) xx

  4. Ha. Love this. That necklace is great!

    xo, Emily

  5. Perfect holiday plaid outfit- love the green pants!

  6. love the plaid, and the green pants are the perfect compliment!! just got some from H&M recently!! ;)
    P.S. check out my latest giveaway - last day to enter!! XOXO

  7. Those pants are the perfect shade of green for the holidays! And I am in LOVE with those shoes. Have a great weekend :) xoxo


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