Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring On 2013

I know everyone always says this, but this year went by so fast! It feels like 2012 just started!

It's true what they say... "The days are long but the years are short."

As you might already know, I set a New Year's resolution for 2011 to "become a runner" after years and years of remaining resolutionless.

(Actually, that's a lie. My resolution was always "get a resolution next year". Typical sarcastic pain in the ass. How cute.)

So of course, I had a grand old time setting some resolutions for 2012 and typed them into my trusty iPod touch. Well, the iPod touch died a slow death in July and with it went all my resolutions.

It's okay though; I remember setting a "make homemade sushi" resolution, but I'm just going to say I forgot that one.

I made like 12 different types of salsa in Mexico, no joke. So I'll just count that as the sushi one.... Yes, that makes perfect sense to me.....

Other resolutions, such as "read more often for fun", were successful! I think I read close to 30 books this year for fun. I've always loved reading but I claimed I was too busy with school or work to read as often as I wanted. It was rare in 2012 that I didn't have a book in my hand or carried around in my purse....

So I'm sharing with all of you my resolutions for 2013! Hopefully I won't make any dumb ones this year that I'll regret (homemade sushi...... really, Taylor?!) but now I will never lose them on a silly bit of failed technology!

Sub-30 min 5K - I think I can accomplish this by the end of 2013! I'm consistently in the 31:xx range when I'm on my A-game. And I have an entire year to run faster!

Don't to anything stupid going leading up to your first half marathon - I have some time goals in the back of my mind, but in all honesty I don't want to make those big important goals. My goal should just be finish alive. So I just really want to make it to the start and finish line with an injury free smile on my face!

Smile, Tay! Take some better pics while you're at it!

Learn to cook - I'm a terrible cook and don't really like eating out, either. If I could just snack all day and get rid of meals I probably would. But I'd like to be like my Italian family and just throw together a gourmet meal in my sleep.

Eat more veg - I'm not a vegetable person. AT ALL. I wouldn't willingly eat vegetables if there was another option. But the other day during a post Christmas meal with family, I was eating all the veg on the table and loving it! (I think it's because I was so sick of turkey, so I just went for anything) It was exactly then that I knew I needed to just find healthy options that I genuinely enjoy instead of eating things for the sake of being healthy.

BE HEALTHIER!! This is not healthy, but it's oh so scrumptious! (If you've been to Canada and didn't eat a Beaver Tail, you haven't lived!)

Enjoy my wedding and don't get overwhelmed trying to please everybody - The past couple of weddings I went to, it just seemed like the couple was running around constantly talking with people, meeting and greeting, and trying to keep everyone happy. It's going to be a lot to juggle lots of family and friends from multiple continents, but I need to focus on my special day more than anything.

Get UK drivers license - I got the wheels turning on that already (sorry, pathetic pun intended... I know it was bad...) but next year I'd like to be more skilled. And fully understand all 3 pedals down there. And actually get out on a real road.

Hello passengers seat! I mean UK drivers seat.... I just realized I'm wearing the same cardigan in two photos... I swear I'm not like a cartoon character; I don't wear the same thing everyday...

Happy New Year, everybody!

What are some of your New Year's resolutions?? What are you looking forward to most about 2012??

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  1. yay to all of these things! yay especially to the wedding one. from everything I've heard and seen, we WILL be running around saying hello to everyone. (Everyone says that you'll barely eat at your own wedding, so enjoy the tasting!) but you've hit on the key: do it to please YOU on your day, not everyone else. I'm stealing this idea :)

    p.s. @HopSkipJumpAsh took a sushi-making class in London - she might be able to tell you where/how to do it too!


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