Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Santa... Love, An Expat

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! Hope you're not too busy to read my letter. I know, I'm 22. I'm still allowed to do this, right?

I hope you got my address change for this year. I'm in England now... FOR GOOD. You understand my love of cold weather, right? I mean, you live in the North Pole!

Anyway, I've had a pretty good year! I got engaged and had a great summer, I survived my 22nd birthday, my UK visa got approved and I moved to England, I signed up for a half marathon in February, and I'm even done with Christmas shopping before the tree is even up!

More was even added AFTER the picture was taken. Thank you Royal Mail!

I've been very lucky this year, so my list isn't going to be very long.

But now that I'm an expat, there are some new items on the list I'd like to address.

1. Can you bring Target to the UK? Don't get me wrong, stores here are great! But nothing really says "one stop shop to blow your money on things you don't need" like Target. For the sake of humanity, England is really missing out.


2. I'd really like some subtitles to travel around with. Nothing fancy. But when I talk, sometimes people don't get me. Portable subtitles that people can read would be really helpful when I'm out and about.

Just like this.

3. Can add something to my sisters Christmas list, please? She probably didn't ask for one, but I know she'd like a private jet this year so she can come see me in England whenever she wants. It'll fit in your big bag of presents, right?

4. You know how tiny and crowded English roads are? Well, I'd like a car that was just invisible to damage please. That way when I am driving on these roads no cars (or people) get hurt! Or better yet, the car could be like the Knight Bus from Harry Potter (and the Prisoner of Azkaban), the way it slows down time to squeeze through small spaces and stuff! That would be a life saver (pun intended).

(More on my UK driving later in the week!)

I'm a fantastic driver in America. Look at that concentration! And that steering wheel cover! Priorities...

5. A Mary Poppins Bag. Easy as that. If I had one of those, I wouldn't have thought I packed millions of things that I actually didn't pack (like my favorite Lululemon top.... 2 months later and I'm still bitter).

Work your magic, Santa! I know you can do it!

As per usual, can't go wrong with anything with owls on it or anything Harry Potter related.


Taylor the expat

Join the fun! Write one thing (or five!), preferably whimsical or crazy, that you would ask Santa for this year!  

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