Friday, December 21, 2012

Inside The Wardrobe: Jolly For Jumpers

I've been wanting an "ugly sweater" for a while now. Finally after the millionth time of me saying "ugly sweater", the Fiance said "it's not an ugly sweater, it's a Christmas jumper!"

Oops! Expat lingo always gets the best of me.

Whether you get them from charity shops, eBay, or the back of your mom/mum's closet/wardrobe, ugly Christmas jumpers are making a comeback in 2012! I can't even count the amount of photos I've seen of friends going to "ugly Christmas sweater" parties or "tacky Christmas jumper" pub crawls!

Clearly, I'm a big fan. I'm definitely rocking a jumper sometime in the next few days for Christmas family celebrations!

Not only are jumpers super warm and cozy, they are comfortable. I'm the youngest in the family (both sets... The Fiance's family and my own) so that means that when we open presents I get relegated to sitting on the floor. Therefore, my Christmas outfit has to withstand many hours of Christmas fun all over the place! Simple but festive outfits like this are perfect for me!

What are you wearing this year for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?? A jumper so ugly that it's cute? Do you dress up a bit more?? 

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  1. Aww that's so cute! I LOVE ugly sweaters haha. I actually just love sweaters in general, but hey! They're just too awesome :)

  2. i adore those boots. i just adore them.

  3. OBSESSED with that jumper! Too adorable, and I have been hunting for green pants for the holidays! Love it all! xx

  4. Love the green pants. I still need to invest in colored pants. i just don't know what color to buy. Happy Holidays.


  5. Just spent the past half an hour reading your blog! I'm a fellow expat who just moved to England this fall as well!



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