Monday, December 24, 2012


It's Christmas Eve! 

I can hardly wait for tomorrow. I love watching everyone open their presents more than anything. And I'm especially excited this year because it's my first Christmas where I don't have to be sad about going back to America. (Yes, I live here now. Do I mention that enough??) 

And I think this new "home status" for England is my favorite present of all time. 

It can't be wrapped or put under the tree, but I know it's there!

I say that it's a great present, but I've also had some amazing and thoughtful presents throughout my life. 

The one that stands out in my mind is from when I was 8. (Side note, it was around the time cassette tapes were becoming obsolete and CDs were becoming increasingly popular... I didn't have a CD player yet though...) The first present I opened was 'Nsync's Christmas CD. 

(You know the one I'm talking about...)

Talk about #90sGirlProblems

Anyway, I was so upset. How could Santa not know that we didn't have a CD player?! He knows everything!! What was he doing giving me CDs for?! Clearly, he was losing his touch. 

The last present I opened, however, was a 3 CD disk changer stereo. Well played, Mom. I mean Santa.

That was quite amazing. 

I've also gotten some absolutely dreadful presents, too. 

When I went to England for the first time, it was also the first time I spent Christmas away from home. Maybe my parents were trying to spite me, because when I returned home in January all jet lagged and sad (from leaving the Fiance for 5 long months), I got the worst presents of my life. 

I asked for a Blackberry, but instead got just about every item from Walmart's "As Seen on TV" section. 

I got a Pepto Bismol colored Snuggie, a picture frame, some twist hair clip thing, and.... (I'm not even kidding) Smooth-Aways. If you don't know what Smooth-Aways are, look it up, but don't judge me. (Just because I'm Italian, it doesn't mean I'm an overly hairy individual.)

In the most grateful but curious way I could, I asked WTF they were implying with the Smooth-Aways. They said that I like cosmetic things so they thought I'd want to try it. I wanted to say, "When I say Urban Decay, do you misinterpret that for Smooth Away?!" 

But I didn't.... 

Hope you don't get any Smooth-Aways in your stocking this year! (Seriously, they're worse than coal)

Whether it's an object or something completely intangible, what is the best present you've ever received? Have you ever gotten any really terrible presents??


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  2. Hahahah that is so great that they did that to you- not really, but you know what I mean! But that's so odd that they did that- did you ever find out why?

    My favourite gift... I don't know. I love all of them, that I can't decide!


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