Friday, November 30, 2012

Inside The Wardrobe: Dress Yourself!

I like clothes. A lot.

What girl doesn't like clothes, really?

I started being a shopaholic at an early age. I have an older sister and our weekends consisted of spending lots of time at the mall. Isn't that what older sisters are for?? (Because shopping with parents was so not cool when I was younger. Now I'd kill to go shopping and not have to worry about spending my own money!)

I'd say that when I dress myself, I dress for comfort more than anything. And now so more than ever; I walk everywhere here in England and I don't want to be walking 20 minutes somewhere wishing I'd worn something more practical.

(2 things about this outfit. First, that cardigan has sequins in it. Love. Second, I actually have that owl necklace. I got it in Mexico, but apparently can be found in England!)

This outfit screams Taylor for 2 reasons: Owls and a cardigan.

I love my cardigan collection. My friends used to call me "Mr. Feeny" (from Boy Meets World) because they said I dressed like him with all my cardigans. Whatever people; everybody loves Mr. Feeny! 

And of course, if I'm home and comfy, there's probably a cuppa tea nearby in my fave owl mug.

(Side note, ohmigod it's the last day of November.... Eeeek!! Whose opening their advent calendars tomorrow morning with excitement?!?! I know I am!!)

What is your personal style? Do you have typical YOU style staples (like my cardigans and owls?) 

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  1. love that owl necklace! but GIRL you need a coat :)

    1. I know I know!! I secretly hate coats... because I hate taking them off and carrying them when I get hot!! I'd rather wear 87 layered shirts than wear a proper coat.....

  2. I love the color of those jeans, I wish I could pull them off. I always feel like colored jeans make my hips look huge LOL. But I'm digging all the owl accessories!

    1. I've been on this colored jeans kick recently... I don't know why!!!

  3. I love this outfit! And I myself, am a cardigan fiend...I'm glad I'm not the only one in the club.

    1. Yayyy! Co-presidents of the cardigan club right here.


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