Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/11/11 Revisited

On November 11, 2011, I randomly wrote down 11 wishes. 

(I kind of like dates like that... 11/11... because no matter where you are in the world, it's the same! There's no month/day day/month drama.)

I used to make wishes on 11:11 as a kid. Sometimes I still do if I see it, but most of the time I just wish for things to work out. I don’t really think about specific wishes anymore. I just say “I wish for things to just work out the way that they should.” When I was little, though, I used to wish for stupid things like green eyes or that Hogwarts letter that never quite made it my way. (It's because I'm American, isn't it?!) 

So I'd like to revisit my 11 wishes that I never shared with anyone (until now!) and see how everything turned out a year later. All wishes are written verbatim from my list. 

1. I wish to do well in my final semester of school. I guess I did that, I mean, they gave me a degree in December 2011. Wahey!

Christmas tree and a cap and gown! Yes!

2. I wish for my car to remain functioning and not cause me unwanted stress or cost me boatloads of money (no that is not 3 wishes in one!) Oh dear, I was having so many car problems around this time last year. Well my car lasted me until I left for England (kind of) so I suppose my wish came true. 

3. I wish for the gods of tipping to be good to me in my last couple of weeks at work (mostly so I can give good Christmas presents to my boyfriend) Aww, aren't I thoughtful. I bought loads of stuff on Black Friday that year, so I guess the gods of tipping fulfilled their part of the deal! Has anyone else been a waiter/waitress before?

Harrods Christmas tree! There's just something about Harrods' Christmas lights!

 4. I wish to have a happy and healthy Christmas in England (and for his family to have happiness and healthiness, too!) I remember writing this because there were some hard times going on for the Fiance's side of the pond prior to Christmas. Despite that, we had a lovely Christmas as always! 

5. I wish my niece gets well soon! She has pneumonia! Never fear, my little trooper got better! 

6. I wish I could run faster for longer periods of time. Well, I'm still super slow. But I think I'm getting better! I can run further than I thought was possible. And come February, I'll be running 13.1 miles no matter what!

7. I wish I didn't always get so discouraged. Back to the running, of course. A year ago, I think I was in a less confident place with my pace and personal records. But now I just think, hey, I'm faster than you on the couch. So there! 

8. I wish I still danced. I can honestly say I no longer wish that. I danced when I was 2 all the way until I was 18. It was my life. And I'm seriously surprised I wished for that a year ago! Because now I don't care that I don't dance anymore; I've left that part of my life behind me. I have lots more things that make me happy. 

What an outfit.

9. I wish I could settle down in a place that you could walk everywhere and get easy public transportation and find a career in a place that will make me happy and pay the bills plus some! (I understand, 11/11/11 gods, that is a very loaded wish) This was literally my life one year ago. I was still a student. I worked in a restaurant. And I hated my car for causing me so much grief. And now, look where I've settled down! England! 

10. I wish I could eat healthier for cheaper! (Very awkward phrasing but the meaning is there.) That's really random. I guess I was on this Whole Foods kick back then and wanted to eat healthier. I guess I should get back into that mentality seeing as I have a wedding dress to fit in to.... 

11. I wish to have fun and remain safe on my Disney Cruise Line contract and have boatloads (PUN INTENDED) of internet access so I can talk to (the Fiance) about my adventures. That happened! I had fun, I remained safe, and I spoke to Alex as much as possible! I'm going to say thank you wish #11 because I never contracted norovirus and I came back alive! And I had LOTS of adventures! (By the way I used his real name in the wish. He wasn't my Fiance yet!) 

Yep, I got paid to do that in Hawaii.

I can't believe it; so much has changed in a year! Lots of great things have happened, and 2012 isn't even over yet! Thank you, gods of 11/11/11 for working your magic! 

What do you wish for on 11:11? Did anyone else make 11 wishes on 11/11/11?


  1. What a neat idea to see how things can change in one year. I found this diary of sorts that's a Q&A a day for 5 years. You answer the same question each day and then can see how your responses change over time. Seems like that would be easier than trying to remember and write down everything you do.

    1. I'd love to do that! I wish I still had my "time capsule" I did for the millennium when I was about 10. So cool to see how I've changed over TEN year, let alone just one!

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