Friday, November 23, 2012

Inside the Wardrobe: Black Friday 2012

Nothing irritates someone who works in retail more than the words BLACK FRIDAY.

(For those of you not familiar, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where there are massive sales, long queues to get into stores, and crazy people attacking other people for electronic items. It also, in my opinion, ruined a lot of what Thanksgiving is about by making workers go in at midnight for the sake of insane shoppers. I'll save that rant for another time.)

I've worked nearly every Black Friday since I was 16. I've gotten to work at 4 AM. I've dealt with irritating savings-hungry customers. I've arrived at work over an hour in advance just to attempt to find parking. I've made cupcakes for my team to boost morale. I've braved the chaos that is the food court. I've done and seen it all.

Now that I'm in England, Black Friday is a thing of the past. No Thanksgiving = No Black Friday. (I know, I know, Boxing Day Sales. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.)

So to me here in England, Friday the 23rd of November is just another day to shop.

This week was inspired by Black Friday, and of course, the color black. 

I feel like any time I wear a lot of black, someone always brings it up as being weird. One time I wore a black dress with leggings my parents said "What are YOU mourning today?!" Cool.

So whenever I wear black, I like to add some color by wearing a patterned scarf. I usually go for floral prints, but I fell in love with this scarf because it has discrete owls all over it!

I'm also in love with tights right now. I think it's because I never really got the chance to wear fashion tights in Florida (tights for dance class though, I know all about!) except when my mom dressed me up when I was 6 to keep me warm from the cold front that was 59 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a pair of burgundy tights like those and they go really great with black and cream outfits!

Finally, top it off with an edgy jacket to stay warm and simple flats to stay comfy during the 12+ hour shopping day that is Black Friday.

Hope you guys in America have fun shopping today and that everyone stays safe! As for England, well like I said, today is just another excuse to go shopping! But apparently ASDA and Amazon were advertizing Black Friday sales online only! So how about THAT!

Anybody have Black Friday horror stories?! Either from working retail or from shopping?? 
What do you like to wear when you go shopping? Do you dress up or do you tend to stay casual? 
Does anyone in England wish there was a Black Friday equivalent over here? Would you take advantage of the sales or would the crowds scare you away? 

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  2. Jon LOVES Black Friday. I think he relishes the "AMERICANS ARE CRAZY" aspect of it, but on top of the favorable exchange rate it means that he buys things for like 1/3 (at most!) of the UK price. But I don't let us go until after 10am, when the crazies have left :)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, lady!

    1. gotta let those crazies do their thing before the normal people come out to play!
      Had a great Thanksgiving at TGIFridays! Not exactly Turkey and Macy's Parade, but it was surely American! Hope yours was fabulous!!

  3. This is a pretty look for a night out. I guess you don't miss black Friday. I think working in retail must be the worst on several days a year, this being one of them. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yep, it's the worst! Didn't miss it at all!!
      Have a great weekend, too!!

  4. My poor daughter called me crying on her lunch break. She said it was just a nightmare. I felt so bad for her. :( I hate Black Friday. It's just ridiculous! Sorry... off on a rant!

    I love the outfit, btw!!


    1. ugh that's terrible! I hope it got better!! I nearly cried once on Black Friday.... because I made cupcakes for everyone and I dropped some in the car park lmao. THAT was my priority.... the cupcakes.

  5. Cute blog!!! I like to dress up. For me it's an early morning outing. But I always wear comfortable shoes :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    xo, Jenna

    1. Thank you!!
      Hope you're Thanksgiving was great, too! :)

  6. ahh yes Black Friday... I used to work at Bath and Body Works, and I'm not this year because I just don't have the time, but I LOVED not having to work it... People are so crazy aahaha. I was at my boyfriend's house for thanksgiving, and they're not big on Black Friday so I didn't get to go at all, which was a bummer :( But I just remember looking at those Walmart youtube videos where people would get trampled to death. It's crazy!

    I'm glad you seem to be transitioning well into the UK, btw! :)


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