Monday, November 12, 2012

Half Marathon Training Week 3

I'm doing Meghan's link up for the first time to do a "Weekly Workouts Roundup" and I'm a hella excited! Although, I'm a day late because I had my 11/11 wishes planned for yesterday, so this is LAST WEEK'S workout schedule. 

As I've said before, I'm an expat and everybody knows it. But I'm also a half marathon training, pavement hitting, slow runner with lots and lots of goals for these upcoming months!

This week that just passed started Week 3 of my 17 week plan. Weeks 1 and 2 went completely as planned and were very mild. My training only really calls for 3 running days, but I normally do 4. This week, however, I did 3 just because I was busier than anticipated.

As far as time/pace goes, I'm running absolutely blind. And that's how I like it.

When I used my Nike+ app, I would just obsess over my time/pace and get really discouraged. My iPod touch broke a few months ago and I think it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I just run for feel. I don't even look at my phone to check the time when I start running anymore. The only day where I know my time/pace is on Saturdays.

But let's get to the week now shall we....

Monday - These are the nights I spend with the running club I just joined! (Check that off my expectations list!) Honestly, joining the running club (called Lordshill Road Runners; LRR for short) has been a great decision not only for my running but for meeting new people in the area. I was nervous at first because I'm not so great with the whole "group setting" thing. Everyone there was beyond nice and helpful. Every week has been something new and challenging that I definitely wouldn't have done myself. And the best part is, everyone is really supportive throughout the run, saying "well done" or providing extra motivation.

Getting back on topic, this week we did sprints because it was freezing outside! We took turns sprinting to and from different posts at different distances. Also got to see loads of fireworks since it was Fireworks Night! It was such a blast (no pun intended), and now I always look forward to my Monday night runs with the LRR!

(I don't know specifically how far we ran this night. I'm guessing around 3 miles in total.)

Tuesday - OFF (since I just ran Monday night!)

Wednesday - 3 miles in the park. Nothing fancy!

Thursday - OFF

Friday - 6 miles and I haven't stopped talking about them since! This was my "long run" day. I know 6 miles isn't really considered a long run for lots of people, but it was for me!

I decided to do 2 laps of my normal 3 mile run (I'm a math genius over here, I know) which meant 2 inclines.

(When I say inclines, I mean "Florida Girl Hills".)

To be honest, this was probably one of the best runs I've ever had. I keep goofy smiling through the middle and at the end because it just felt really great to have accomplished something I never thought was possible. Not once did I need to stop, nor did I ever feel like death in the middle or do my usual "BECOME A RUNNER?! WAS THAT A JOKE, TAYLOR?!" internal monologue. I just ran.

And the best part was, I felt like I could run more when I was done. That just blew my mind. Because sometimes after I do 5K I'm like, "Well, crap. If this was a half marathon I'd still have 10 more miles to go!!" (Replace crap which a more colorful word actually.) But I didn't feel like that.

For the first time, 13.1 miles actually felt possible.

Saturday - OFF this week. Normally I do the Southampton Park Run on Saturdays which is absolutely amazing. It's a free, timed 5K in the park. (These runs are held all over the UK so look out for them in your area!) All you need is to register online and print out your unique bar code. These are my only runs in which I know my time.

(2 weeks ago, my time was 32:24. 1 week ago, my time was 33:18)

Saturdays are my targeted "long run" training days. So I've been either adding some miles before and/or after the 5K. It's been working out really well for me to get up and motivated, especially on a Saturday morning. This week I obviously did the long run on Friday instead.

Sunday - OFF

Now I have some random questions for you...
Runners - Do you smile or do a courtesy wave at people walking/running towards you when you are out on your run? Or do you just focus ahead of you and not make contact?
Non-Runners - If someone is running past you and smiles or waves politely, do you think "Aw how nice"? Or do you think they're weird/creepy/someone put too much sunshine in their cereal this morning? Are you inclined to smile/wave back?


  1. In the States, I smile and wave. In London - never! Which I learned when I started running there and no one ever smiled or waved at me.

    But running in rural southwestern Ireland was the best! Everyone smiles and waved and said hello and warned me of upcoming hills or turns or whatever. One old man driving past slowed down and rolled his window and yelled out "GO HAVE A PINT, GIRL! RUNNING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEART!"

    it was amazing ;)

    1. HAHAHAHA! Reminds me of when I decline a drink on Friday nights sometimes due to my "long run Saturday" and people just go, WELL THAT'S NOT HEALTHY!
      Yay for friendly smiling/waving!!


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