Monday, November 19, 2012

Half Marathon Training Week 4

Hello! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Let's see how my half marathon training is getting on!

I read something earlier in the week. It's a well known quote so forgive me for sounding like a teenaged Tumblr account. (I don't actually have a Tumblr, is that the sort of thing people post?)

(If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough)
(Side note: this picture was taken in Hawaii.)

I've seen this quote time and time again.

But this week when I saw it, it just really hit home. 

Every time I see a longer distance on my training sheet or look up at a hill (read: Florida Girl Hill), it makes me nervous for failure. I don't want to have to stop running during a long run. I don't want to huff and puff my way up an incline that many people could probably do in their sleep. And come February, I don't want to see 13.1 miles and feel dread.

But the truth is, if your dreams don't scare you, you should be aiming for something bigger then, shouldn't you?

And right now, 13.1 miles scares me. But that just means I've set my sights on something big instead of settling for something easy.

That's as deep as I'll be getting today; let's see what went down this week! 

Monday - LRR group run. We did hills. Lots and lots and lots of hills. We did 3 laps up and down this long hill that circled a sports center. That was difficult, but it was nothing compared to "Golf Course Hill". Forgive me while I have a moment to settle my PTSD from this godawful hill. It started off okay. And then it just went up. And up. And kept going up. Then it flattened out a bit, which was a joke, because then it got even worse than it did before! I swear there was a point where my feet were moving and I was trying to run, but I was going literally nowhere. I was just stomping in place like a mad person trying to run my way up this beast. THAT'S how steep it was. I hate you, Golf Course Hill. You suck. 

(At the end, someone with a Garmin said that we did between 5.75 and 6 miles that night. Not bad for a Monday!)

Tuesday - OFF

Wednesday - 4 miles

Thursday - 3 miles

Friday - OFF

Saturday - 7 miles, which is a new personal distance! Too bad I felt miserable throughout the whole run...

I started off with the park run 5K. I was absolutely positive that it was my worst park run yet because I have never felt so exhausted or fed up with a run in my whole life. I literally couldn't wait for it to be over. Happy to say that I got a surprise PR of 31:32 for the park run! That's 10:10 per mile I somehow managed. I can't complain about that; however I wish I didn't exhaust myself as much as I did because when it was over I was like "ughhhh 4 more miles to go now!"

I spent the entire 4th mile constantly stopping and going, and doing a sort of old lady power walking through the mall maneuver. That was my attempting "running". Once my pity party was over, I tried to get into a good rhythm. Thankfully (and reluctantly), I finished the 7 miles feeling kinda sorta accomplished, but also incredibly tired and happy that my running for the day was OVER. 

Sunday - OFF

Also while we are on the subject of workouts, read this article if you get a chance. I couldn't stop reading it; I was so intrigued! I even re-read it! It's about 12 and 10 year old sisters who are endurance runners/triathletes. What are your thoughts about it? Too much for such a young age? Or it's okay because they are passionate about it?

Runners - How to you stay positive when you have a "bad run"? Do bad runs put you in a bad mood or do you just not dwell on it?
Non-Runners - Would you ever spectate a race that a friend or family member was doing? Does that appeal to you or do you find it boring?


  1. I read that article! Those girls are insane - but some people just thrive on that sort of thing.

    I'm doing a vlog on running next week - because every time I write down my thoughts, it comes out so horribly that I know I'd never want to read the post - so it's good to know we're thinking about the same questions :)

    also p.s. apparently my 10k on Thursday is really hilly and I've done by best to avoid hills since I started c25k so I manned up (like you, haha!) and did hill repeats on Saturday. On the third time passing a man raking leaves in his year, he asked me what I was doing.... and then he laughed at me. A lot.


    1. Hills are THE WORST. I did bridge repeats back in Florida once (the closest thing I could find to a "hill") and I hated my life afterwards. But as stubborn as I am about hills, I think they're actually helping!

      and yayyy 10K this week!! You'll do great as always! Turkey trot or something similar since it's on Thurs? You'll definitely have earned a big Thanksgiving feast after that!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog :)

    What a GREAT quote. So true.
    Fantastic job on the new personal distance. Bad runs will always creep in and happy time and time again. I think the best way is to just try to forget about it and know that something good will come around again!

    1. Hello there! and great advice, thanks! :) definitely always need to remember to stay positive!

  3. Love that article on the sisters! Its one of those mind boggling things that really divides people. To me it sounded like the dad is driving their behavior a lot more than was let on. If they truly love running and competing, go ahead! But they shouldn't be crying about coming in 30th against runners three and four times their age. I would be interested to see how their overall health turns out in 15 or 20 years. Then we will really be able to know if it was damaging or helpful. Who knows?! :-)

    1. I didn't even think of that! I'd love to see where not only their health is is 15 years, but where their running career is!
      But I agree, their dad seemed a bit controlling, but then again the girls seemed so passionate, too!
      Just makes me think of what I was doing at age 10 and 12.... Definitely not trail running 13+ miles... probably just doing nothing useful and pretending I was cool in my Limited Too clothes....


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