Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Trip To The North

In case you didn't get the memo covered in Marmite and HP Sauce, I finally moved to England!

Overly excited/incredibly touristy picture of the flight details from Newark. Ready to touchdown in London town!
I haven't even been here a week and I've already traveled the length of the entire country! I've seen enough sheep on the side of the road to last me a lifetime. As excited as I was about that, I didn't take any pictures. Apparently that's not what the locals do. Noted.

The Fiance is lucky enough to have a job that requires lots of traveling around England. More importantly, the job also allows me to tag along on these journeys!

Monday we went to London. While the Fiance met with his important peeps, I walked from the London Eye to Big Ben to Buckingham Palace.... By myself.... WITHOUT crying to stranger about my poor sense of direction!

I know I get about zero bragging rights for that. Baby steps.

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Blackpool for more work related business.

Look it's the beach! Kind of.

I've never been that far north before in England, so it was kind of cool!

Blackpool Tower. Looks kind of like an illegitimate Eiffel Tower.

And then I saw this shop.....

Oh lookie! Just what I need!
I've seen these shops in lots of cities around England. This one had a hefty selection, all of which was overpriced. They even had Vanilla Coke! That's freakin' hard to find even in America! If it wasn't about £3 per can I would have stocked up.

Then another sweets store had my name engraved in some rock candy!

Look! I exist finally!! It's a miracle! 

You don't know how hard it is to find my first name in anything here. Jane, Charlotte, Sarah... Those are acceptable first names. Taylor? Not so  much. Oh dear, I will never be able to buy those rinky dink little pre-personalized pencils or princess stickers ever again. What a tragedy.

All in all, it's been a lovely few days here in rainy England. My wellies and new umbrella (which hasn't fallen apart yet... that's record breaking considering it's from Primark) have definitely gotten lots of use! But no Seasonal Affect Disorder has kicked in due to lack of sunshine. Wahey!

To my fellow expats: Is there any candy or food that you desperately miss from home?? Do you see an American Candy store and just swoon?
To everyone else: Is there any foreign candy or food that you miss from your travels abroad??


  1. Hi there!
    I'm so glad I found your blog! So you did it, you made the move! Congratulations, I'm in the process of making the move myself... I want to... hope to, plan to, visa's approved and all that... Fall of next year! Are you going to school there? I look forward to going on your blog adventures with you! Much love, ~Tammy

    1. Aww good luck!! I hope everything goes through for you!
      I actually don't go to school here; I graduated with my bachelors degree in Dec 2011 in America. I'd love to get my masters or phd here eventually though!!

  2. Jon was MORTIFIED when I took pictures of my first hunt. but tough! a blogger's gotta document :)

    1. I take pictures of EVERYTHING here. I remember my first time here I even wanted to save all my candy wrappers and stuff. Silly Americans....

  3. Welcome to England!!!!! You are going to just love it here! Congrats on getting around London on your own. It can be pretty challenging. And just take pictures of the sheep. They love it!!

    Next time you are in London, let me know and we can explore some together.

    Flipz, Whoppers, Junior Mints... You can find them all here, but they cost a pretty penny... er... pound.


  4. Junior mints are my favorite! Everyone back at home makes fun of me because apparently they are "old people chocolate".......


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