Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fails And Friday Funnies

Happy Friday, everyone!

I got genuinely excited today, not because it's Friday, but because I managed to walk somewhere new by myself and I didn't get lost!

And then I realized how incredibly dull I sound for getting excited over that.

So I'll spare you the details of my morning and go straight to the Friday Fail.

You'd think after 22 years in Florida where the weather is as bipolar as ever I would have learned to carry a stinkin' umbrella with me everywhere. Or maybe moving to the rainiest country in the world would do me some good.


Note to self: Start using a big girl purse and carry an umbrella with you; you're in England now for heaven's sake! Otherwise, you'll be stuck creeping around a Toys R Us for 30 minutes while it downpours on your walk home.

Hashtag Friday Fail.

On a lighter note, I shall leave you with a Friday Funny. Unlike my preparedness skills, Pinterest never lets me down.

I would like to contact whoever made this ecard and tell them that they haven't seen a challenge until they've shaved their legs in an English shower. It's like yoga mixed with gymnastics mixed with interpretive dance just to get your leg in the right position.

(Seriously, everything here is like a shrunken version of what I'm used to.)

Have a great weekend! Anyone have anything fun planned??


  1. 'Or maybe moving to the rainiest country in the world would do me some good.'

    I thought that was Cherrapunji.

    1. Honestly, never take anything I say too seriously. I exaggerate or am sarcastic like 500% of the time. But you're quite right, India rains a lot I've heard.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 'I exaggerate or am sarcastic like 500% of the time.'

    You'll fit right in then :)


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