Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lighthouses and License Plates

Monday night the Fiance and I went to this American style restaurant for a birthday dinner for one of his best friends.

Cue the American expat taking embarrassing, lame, tourist-y pictures underneath some license plates while everyone else chows down on massive hamburgers.

American license plates! No I'm not a tourist, I live here.

I'm sorry my camera is so crap. It takes photos underwater though, and THAT'S what's most important. Am I right??

This is what I'm standing under. Not one, but TWO Florida license plates in a restaurant.

Even though I get the mickey taken out of me (British way of saying to get made fun of) for being American, no one seemed too upset by their platters of BBQ ribs, chicken wings, bacon burgers, and "death by chocolate" fudge cake. YOU'RE WELCOME, ENGLAND.

Today was less of a food coma kind of day (I lie... I demolished a pack of McVities chocolate covered biscuits in the car).

I went to Portland!

No, not the American Portland. I didn't make a mad dash to Oregon.

This Portland:

Quite the lovely view!

It's a small island off the coast of Weymouth in Dorset and the place where the Olympic sailing took place this summer!

And I can see why! It was pretty windy and the waves were choppy!

I was supposed to get dropped off at a shopping center in Weymouth so I could wander aimlessly, but it actually closed! You'd think they put that bit of vital information on the Visit Weymouth website....

So instead, while the Fiance did his businessman thing, I took pictures of lighthouses and stuff.

See? Lighthouses and stuff. I'm so descriptive. Oh look, it's also sunny and stuff, too!

Any new places you've been recently? New towns? New restaurants with a coma inducing food selection?


  1. I love your sense of humor! You crack me up! And it's true, they like to make fun of us yanks don't they!?... My cockney Boyfriend, East Londoner in case you haven't come across one yet... anyway, he says it's crazy we have bacon on the side of our plates with pancakes and syrup, and God forbid the syrup shall touch the bacon!! Yet, they eat beans for breakfast? Oh... well... the things we must endure when in love with the British :)

  2. When you applied for your student visa were they brutal about checking your bank accounts? I read on the border website they are more slack with Americans... What is your take?

    1. I actually am on a Fiancee Visa, not a student visa. When applying, I still had to show my most recent bank statements and also my previous pay slips. I got approved for my visa on the first try and didn't have to interview or anything (I just had to send LOTS of stuff in the mail). I think they're looking for not only sufficient funds, but proof as well that you're responsible with your work history/incomes if that makes any sense.
      Basically, it's not like I had my entire life's savings to show the embassy, I had only been saving since January of this year. So even if I didn't have X amount of money, I had taken the initiative to open a savings account and commit to putting money in it, and had been working as much as possible and not being lazy about it.
      I hope that helped a bit!


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