Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dealing With Football

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! (I know I know, it's Tuesday already... sue me.)

And I hope everyone is staying safe during Hurricane Sandy AKA Frankenstorm.

I mean really, 22 years in SoFla and we never got quirky names for our hurricanes... Just a day off of school with extra AP Biology homework (Thanks Mr. Morone), understocked shelves at Walmart, and overly panicked old people grabbed as many canned vegetables as possible.

This weekend while Frankenstorm was brewing, I went to a football game (soccer for the yanks).

And we lost.

Sammy Saint says "It's Okay, we still love you, Southampton!"

I kind of delayed this post. I couldn't be all "Yayyyy Football!" and then be like "Oh by the way, we lost..." I think that would be too soon. And the Fiance wouldn't have been too pleased.

Seriously, nothing puts a damper on your whole weekend more than losing in football. Yeah it sucks, your team lost. But going home to die-hard football fans after a loss SUCKS EVEN MORE.

Please just score another goal! I can't put up with another weekend ending with angry grunts and cursing the manager.

My reaction to football losses around the Fiance and his family is to just stay quiet and occasionally say "Well they [the other team] are ugly and stupid..."

I still had a good time, though! I sat with the Fiance's dad and uncle in the "quiet" section. They don't mind when I ask them what "WEEEESHOOOOOWHEEEENNNEEEEWAAAA" means. (Apparently it goes with the song "we are Southampton, WE SHOOT WHEN WE WANT".)

I'm usually pretty good at interpreting drunken football guy chants! This weekend I've gotten a little rusty I guess...  I'll blame it on the hurricane that we totally aren't getting here in England.

How did your teams do this weekend? Any good football stories to share?


  1. I cannot tell you how glad I am that Jon's not a rabid football guy - you are a braver, stronger woman than I! glad you had fun :)

    1. I love watching it! Just hate the aftermath when we lose!!!


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