Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello From The Other Side!

Welcome to the first ever edition of Running Across the Pond where I am officially and quite literally across the pond in England! And I'm here to stay!

Before taking off in Newark. All that's between me and my new life is the Atlantic Ocean.

I left on Thursday from Palm Beach, Florida. Two planes later, I finally landed in London on Friday.

Plane #1 to Newark! Anyone see their house from here??

I don't know about you, but I love flying and I especially love airports! I could spend hours roaming around airports, which was convenient because I had lots of time to kill in airports on Thursday. Although, I do get strange looks sometimes in the duty free shops. I guess I look like that kid that accidentally got put at the adult table.

Yeah... That happened... I was told I misspelled "colour"... I'm sorry, England. Don't deport me just yet!

I also got prime seating on the plane. No, I didn't sit first class. I sat right above where all the suitcases come out from underneath the plane.

I watched both of my suitcases creep their way out on the conveyor belt and make it onto the truck. Then, in full creeper mode, I took a photo to prove it. Yes, that pink bag is mine. Fun fact: I hate the color pink.

But I'm here and settled. So far so good!

I promised that I'd give myself the weekend to be lazy and spend time with the Fiance before getting into a routine. And when I say "routine" I mean going on the internet and running while he's at work.

So this morning, instead of complaining of jet lag (that technically I've gotten over by now) I got up early and ran. And I'm not going to indulge any more because I honestly have no clue how far I ran or for how long. We will just blame it on the nonexistent jet lag. In reality, I didn't know which route to take in the local park so that the distance markings on the ground corresponded with my laps. Good job, Tay.

Other than that, this expat is safe and happy in her new home! 

What did you guys do this weekend? A bit of traveling? Lots of running? Hope it was a great weekend no matter what side of the pond you're on!


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