Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fails and Friday Funnies Episode 2

TGIF seems to be the phrase of today!

(insert totally natural segway into the topic at hand)

I tried to do an Essex accent the other day. Apparently it sounds exactly the same (and exactly as terrible) as my regular English accent, my Northern English accent, my Posh English accent, and my little English kid accent (you know exactly which one I'm talking about... the little school kids in Tescos going "mumm-ayyy").

Hashtag Friday Fail.

I would like to brag that I have indeed mastered the Southampton drunken football English accent. With my superb imitations, I am quite the hoot at parties, by the way! 

On the topic of accents, I will leave you with a Friday Funny.

This is what America thinks of you, England.


Clearly this e-card writer means REAL British accents and not expatriate failed attempts at recreating one.

But I think I've hit that point where I don't notice British accents anymore (as compared to my first ever visit to England where everything sounded like a Harry Potter film).

Spontaneous change of topic to the American accent thanks to Selena via Twitter!  

As bad as I am at British accents, I think the Brits are equally as bad at the American accent!

The Fiance is 100% guilty of the nasally American accent. He also adds this noise that sounds like gurgling to his imitation of me......

I don't think I gurgle when I speak, but good effort, Mr. Fiance! I like your enthusiasm!

I've also found that many American imitations sound just a tad (read: REALLY REALLY) flamboyant, as well. You know, because I tote-ullllly have to emphasis weird parts of the word like to-MAYYY-toes and such.

Hashtag Friday Fail, again.

(Disclaimer: Just so we're clear, not meaning to offend anyone by imitating accents or imitating imitations of accents. No hate here, I promise. )

Have a great weekend! (Read that in whatever accent you desire. Posh English, hint of Italiano, Alien speak, don't care!)


  1. a) Jon's not allowed to practice his "American" accent. Especially not in America.

    b) whenever I'd visit the States when I was living in London, I'd wonder why everyone around me had American accents. Your ear assimilates faster than your heart!

    c) Jon was SHOCKED when he heard himself on the vlog we made. He didn't think he was that posh! But he is :)

    1. I should make it a rule that the Fiance can't practice his "American" accent.... and when I say practice, I really mean MOCK MINE. :)


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