Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Good (ish), The Bad, & The Lazy

Oh I have so much to talk about. Some regarding running. Some regarding across the pond. I'm sorry about that sentence not being grammatically correct.

This past weekend has been incredibly stressful. There's some really bad news, some kinda bad/lazy news, and then there's good (ish) news.

I'll start with the really bad news.

Let me start out with this: my car is very old. It was my first and only car and I've had it since high school, where it was purchased used and has had problems from the start of our relationship. Fun fact, I named him Kermit because he's green. Well, in the past year, Kermit has been dying a slow painful death; not only has he been dying, but he's been killing me slow, and killing my bank account not so slowly. There were days when I was just like, "please, I beg you Kermit, let me get to my destination without having an anxiety attack!" Last June, the air conditioning completely broke. Oh have I mentioned I live in south Florida? Yes I have been driving around without air for quite some time now, hence, killing me slowly. Despite that minor flaw, he did what he needed to do; he got me through my last semester of university, but not without hundreds of dollars of fixing. This Saturday, however, his reoccurring issues of smoking and stalling started up again and he just is not safe to drive.

What I'm trying to get to with this long-winded dramatic story is that I no longer have a car. I am not willing to put the thousands of dollars into Kermit that he needs when I am trying to save money to move to England. Yes, I was very upset, but it's more of a relief and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I hate driving. I especially hate driving with no air. I have no car. But I'm learning to deal.

There's more bad news.

Because of the car situation, my "talk" with my parents about my move to England had to come way before I was ready. They understood why I didn't want to fix Kermit, but they didn't understand why I didn't want to invest in another car to get around. I had to tell them my plans of potentially moving sooner, and getting married sooner than they anticipated. But it's hard having to explain visas and moving to another country to people who don't even own passports.

I'm frustrated to say the least. It's hard when you're trying to please everyone, but no one is taking into consideration what you want. We are not seeing eye to eye, and in the past two days, more fights have broken out than ever before.

But that's another long story I won't get into.

So that's some of the "across the pond" news.

The kinda bad/lazy news is that I have not run in almost a week. And I really feel it. When I take too much time off I get extra lazy. But the weather has been really bad, and I've been busy. I know, it's no excuse.

But the good (ish) news is that my last run was a really good one! I went with a friend to a bridge and did bridge repeats for a while. I did about 3.2 miles. It. was. HARD. Going up the bridge was a struggle, but it felt great! It was drizzling, so it made the run so much more bearable. I was soaked by the end of it in both sweat and rain. My calves hurt on the "uphill" of the bridge, but I felt like I was flying on the downhill. It was the longest I've run in this scorching summer without a water/wiping sweat and flies off face break, and I felt accomplished. Although my friend and I ran at different paces, it was motivating being with her. Since we were going back and forth on a bridge, we were constantly passing each other and cheering and waving at each other. It was such a confidence booster.

Well, things can only get better from here. I know I'll feel better once I start running again. I need this hiatus to end! And as far as England goes, I'm still in limbo. I can't go to England until September 3rd, but who knows when I'll actually move for good. All we need now is a wedding date!

Oh dear, soon enough I'll be a Mrs. Running Across the Pond!

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