Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Running With A Hefty Side of Psychology Degree Talking

Alright, it's been nearly a week since I have posted anything... but I promise I am still alive!

Whenever I have a good run, I'm more motivated to post. Today I had a fantastic run! I am getting more acceptable of the fact that I don't know my pace, and I will never know my pace. I will survive. I find that knowing distance is way more important right now.

Also, since I got an iPod shuffle for my birthday, I have been less "burdened" by the iTouch. Why?? Well that damn thing is so bulky strapped onto my arm!! I can barely feel the shuffle! It is an incredible invention and totally underrated.

Today, however, I want to talk about something besides running or moving across the pond.

 I kind of want to get some insight into age and relationships and appropriateness. Sorry if that sounds confusing. Or boring.

But I thought today about that unspoken relationship age line between when you're "having fun" and when you want people to take you seriously.

I am BY NO MEANS an example of what is typical these days for relationships. Honestly, I never have been the average stereotype for anything. I was forced to grow up at a very early age and I've had many people tell me that I am mature beyond my years. I like to pride myself in my ability to give others advice and never truly need advice in return. So while most people my age are extending their years in college and serial dating, I'm getting married. Shocker.

But this is no means about me.

I've known people date plenty of guys and never settle down with one. I've known people who stayed in long term relationships and pride themselves in being a "relationship person". I've known people who just, for lack of a better phrase, sleep around and "have fun" with zero expectations. And what all these people have showed me is that there comes a point where you don't want just a hook up: you want someone substantial.

But it kills me. Because people constantly go to the same type of people but are so distraught when they don't meet their high expectations. Which brings me to think, at what point are these daters doing enough to keep each other around and satisfied with their potential relationship, and at what point are they doing themselves a favor by making the other person take them seriously?

Basically, in normal speak, at what age is it okay to hook up with someone to keep them around because it's expected, and at what age do you slightly hold back because you want them in your future and not just for a good time?

It's just a thought, because lots of people always ponder "how far to go" with their date, but then are upset when they treat them like they're easy.

And I should just say I don't judge based on these preferences. I just don't have the same taste so to say of how to date these days. And it really pains me to see the confusion on half my friends faces when they can't find Mr. Right. I wish I could tell them all the secrets of the universe, but I genuinely got extremely lucky with my current relationship.

So what do you think? What are the courting ages that are appropriate these days?

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