Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-Isaac and Post-Isaac

Hello from the other side of a storm! That's right... Tropical Storm Isaac has left its mark on South Florida. And by mark I mean lots of flooding and humidity. Seriously, there was a moat around my house.

Just some minor puddles around the patio. No biggie.

Due to all the rain and wind I couldn't run Sunday or Monday, so I decided to "long run" on Saturday. I put long run in quotes because my long run is nothing compared to most runners. I run an average of 3 miles a day. My run on Saturday was about 6 miles of running and half a mile of a cool down. It was easier than I anticipated, but it was also good that I had two guaranteed rest days ahead of me because of the storm.

My run today was uneventful minus the fact that the humidity and excess of bugs made me miserable. Another THANKS TROPICAL STORM ISAAC moment.

I will also announce that I put my half marathon training on hold (hence the lack of long runs). I'll leave that for another post.

I will also HAPPILY announce that I booked my flight to England! And when I say my flight I mean my one-way flight, meaning my MOVE to England! I am beyond excited to say the least and I've spent the better half of my evening searching "how to pack to move to another country".

Tomorrow starts a massive cleaning overhaul of all my stuff. Yikes.

I'm sorry this is beyond boring, but hopefully from here on out everything will be exciting/stressful/eventful!

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