Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is "EveryWhelmed" a Word?

Right now, I'd say I'm both overwhelmed and underwhelmed. I'm every sort of whelmed if that's even possible!!

So as you know, I'm moving to England in the beginning of October. My days are currently being filled with tying those loose ends back here at my current home before making England my new home. I feel like my mind is going a mile a minute and I wish I just just call up the Genie from Aladdin and say "POOF!" and have it all just happen miraculously. I will fully admit how lazy I am about a majority of it. I feel like there's so  much to do in so little time....

....but at the same time.... There's only so much packing I can do that isn't ridiculously early.... Because I still live here! And I still have weeks left here! So there's also a lot of me sitting around, making packing lists, and wondering when the appropriate time is to fully commit to uproot my bedroom.

I am incredibly thankful that there really aren't that many of those loose ends for me to tie up here... I'm going to blame that on being young and fully ambitious about moving to England from the start. I avoided buying a decent car, applying for credit cards, throwing myself into a career, and getting a place of my own because I knew after college it was only a matter of time before I was going across the pond. And now, all of that struggling and saving is finally going to be worth it.

I really want to sit down and think about my expectations about living in England. That way, I can go back and look to see just how silly or spot on I was! It's one thing to have visited England 4 times, all for long periods of time. It's another thing to relocate completely and call it my home. Everything that is so novel for me about England will become my new normal, and everything so normal about America will be in the past. I can make list after list of all the differences I've noticed and had to acclimate myself to throughout the years. But I know even with my vast experience there's still going to be those WTF moments.

This doesn't even begin to explain why I am every sort of whelmed. Actually, this is quite the watered down version. But it got my mind away from sorting my belongings and crying over leaving my cat (I know, I'm totally that crazy cat lady and I'm only 22). I'll probably look back at this post in a couple of weeks and be like "Oh dear..... you were SO not every sort of whelmed like you thought you were...."

Have you ever had one of these contradictory moments like I'm having? Have you ever been so underwhelmed for something in the future that it overwhelmed you? What's something in your future that you're looking forward to so much that its constantly on your mind?


  1. girl, let me tell you: moving to another country, even one that seems so similar to your own, is ALL ABOUT feeling everywhelmed. you can't stop yourself from having expectations - it's totally normal - but your new life is going to blow your mind in totally unexpected ways. there will be amazingly good things that you didn't expect and horribly miserable ways you didn't expect. it's all part of the expat package.

    but the wonderful thing is that eventually you'll get through the everywhelmedness and you will come out so much stronger on the other end. I promise!

    1. thanks! I know I'm in for the shock of the century, but I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling everywhelmed! :)


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