Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jumping In With Both Feet

Today, I was talking to an old friend who knows both me and my fiance very well. It was my favorite conversation I've had in a while.

I've been getting so caught up with the stress of moving to England, especially because of all the unknowns. We don't have a wedding date set and I don't know when I'm moving exactly. I know things will fall into place eventually, but with the stress of my car and money and everything that goes along with moving, it feels like things are falling apart instead.

So when I talked to my friend, she said exactly what I needed to hear. She said "you'll never have enough money, you'll never always get the approval of your parents, and you'll never know if you're going to fail; so I think you should jump in with both feet."

It's true.

You can save all your money, but it will never be enough. There will always be spending, there will always be treating yourself to those cute shoes that are on sale, there will always be struggling a bit with money. There will always be people, whether they are related to you or not, that say what you're doing is crazy, irresponsible, and something you'll regret. There will always be a "worst case scenario" where things happen that are out of your control. There will always be those thoughts in the back of your head causing you to hesitate any life decision.

And you know how I feel about that? Bring it on.

I'm jumping in with both feet. I will not look back and think "what if" or "why can't things just go as planned?" There will always be something, I look forward to triumphing over every one of those stupid "somethings".

That's my poetic and deep meaningful thought for the day. Now let's get to some running.

After my "lazy" week of a running hiatus, I ran the past two nights surprisingly better than I anticipated. The miles came easy, regardless of how sluggish they sometimes felt. It's still hot, there are still bugs in my face, and it's still an over 100 degree summer. But like I said, there will always be "something", and a little sweat never hurt anyone.

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