Tuesday, August 14, 2012

iPod and Post-Olympics Blues

While I would like to inform you that today's run was great in all aspects, it was not.

I ran a glorious 3.6 miles... Don't judge me for the awkward decimal... it was 3 laps around my neighborhood. I felt amazing. I was able to use my iPod for music and attempt to use the stopwatch. However, before the first lap was even over it wouldn't let me unlock the screen to hit "lap" and it was stuck the rest of my run... and the rest of the night... and potentially the rest of eternity.

So I have been searching for iPod shuffles, which I have wanted for a long time now because it isn't bulky and doesn't require that awful arm strap, and Garmin watches.

I'm hoping for lots of birthday money, but I doubt that's going to happen. Something about being in your 20s says "I'm too old for birthday cards and birthday money". Even most of my friends don't know my birthday is coming up, which I'm pretty okay with since I have nothing to celebrate. Fiance is on the other side of the pond and I am undoubtedly sad. I know I shouldn't be "that girl" who pouts when her boyfriend isn't there, but I have my moments. I've never really been a fan of my birthday (except obviously 18 and 21) so that just adds the icing on top of the nonexistent birthday cake.

I promise, I'm not "that girl" often. And we will just drop it now.

On a different note, I am also sulking in post-Olympics blues. I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE the Olympics. I watch every event possible... except maybe horseback riding because I'm not a big fan of horses... or modern pentathlon... because I just found out that existed and I'm confused... and it involves horses... but for everything else, I definitely do not discriminate. The Olympics actually gets me teary-eyed and emotional because I am so in awe of these athletes and their accomplishments and their dreams. When they win a medal, I feel like I'm there next to them being their best friend taking in their effort and passion. In reality, I'm downing dinner and frozen yogurt on my couch crying over my jealousy of their stardom and athleticism. I don't know how I was made to get so emotionally attached to people I will probably never meet, yet alone be friends with, but it happened for the whole 2+ weeks of London 2012. And now I must deal with these post-Olympics blues like the sad, overly-enthusiastic spectator that I truly am.

How many days until February 7, 2014?! Winter Olympics, I will spectate you like a CHAMP. 

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