Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Care Packages Galore

We all know I am a massive fan of care packages, right? Right?! How great is it to get some of your favourite things in a care package from another country? And it's always good to show your friends and family that you are thinking about them even when you are far away!

Anyway, I just sent my sister and my friend Renee two different care packages using Parcelforce yesterday afternoon! I am beyond excited for them to get them! I've been buying lots of bits and bobs here and there (this sounds so British, doesn't it??) to send to them and finally they're off to the states!

Let me show you!

This one here is for my sister! When she came to England in February she fell in love (as did I) with the Coconut Kit Kats, hence why she is getting a bunch now! (And obviously I bought a bunch for myself at the same time... Ooops!)

Have you tried these yet?? They're call 'Marvellous Creations' and they are absolutely magical. It's just like something out of Willy Wonka! They have pop rocks IN the chocolate!

The wrapped pink thing is actually this cute little pencil from Accessorize; I had them wrap it up at the store for my 5 year old niece! The cat stickers are for her, too! 5 year olds like stickers, right? Those stickers plus the adorable sticky notes are from the Paperchase pushy cats line

This one is for my friend Renee! She collects 'foxy' things as much as I collect owls! Obviously, I saw those socks and couldn't resist! She's also going to get her fair share in chocolate from me; I hope she doesn't mind! I love how the chocolate I bought from Belgium actually says 'Belgian Chocolate' on it. Just in case you forgot! 

I had such a good time shopping for these care packages! I seriously can't wait to send some to other family members and friends this summer! Cheers to being in the 21st century and fast traveling parcel services!

Who do you normally send care packages to (or receive packages from)?? What types of goodies are normally in there?? 


  1. So sweet. I loved getting these in college!

  2. Love those Cadbury Marvelous Creations! The candies inside definitely make me think of Nerds Rope, have you ever had that? It was sold here in the US for awhile, not sure if it's still around. But I do love sending care packages from the US to Brit friends filled with sour candies and peanut butter chocolate things. Not so much the Hersey chocolate though...they already know British chocolate tastes better ha! Xx

  3. Yeah for coconut kitkats! They released them after I left England so when my mom and sister came to visit just now their suitcase was full of coconut kitkats for me...and malteser bunnies! and my sister even brought me one of those marvellous creation bars which I thought was pretty cool! Usually, it's my mom who sends me care packages! She's been sending me one a week, either a letter or goodies ever since I left home for university 9 years ago!


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