Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Best Advice That I Take No Credit For

Day 4 is all about advice for the big day.

This is called "the best advice I take no credit for" because that's exactly what it is.

It's advice from others that was given to me and helped me so much on my wedding day.

So now, I am giving this advice to you no matter what side of the pond you are on. 

Don't lift a finger

I wanted to go to the venue early in the morning and supervise set up of decoration and stuff. (I'm a control freak, what can I say!!!)

Two of my family members said that they were going instead and that I would stay at home. I was freaking out!! No, I had to go! Obviously the world would end if I didn't go! 

My family literally had to sit me down and say "no, you're not lifting a finger today!" the morning of my wedding. If they could have tied me to a chair, they probably would have. 

I'm so glad they told me no. There was really no point in me going except that I'm a control freak and wanted to do everything myself. The venue was beautiful without my help, and I'm glad I had time to relax that morning.

So seriously, don't lift a finger. Let people help you. You'll be on your feet all day and all night. Take time to sit. I promise you won't regret it.

The only fingers you should be lifting that day... I'm sorry, that was cheesy...

Take in the moments

This was the most common piece of advice, and I can see why. Everything really does happen so quickly. You want to remember and cherish everything. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, just stop. If too many people are talking to you, go unwind by getting fresh air outside. It's not worth it getting anxious, stressed, or busy. Take everything in. Act like a guest, not a host/hostess! (To an extent)

We're clearly taking in the moments here.

Don't drink too much

I feel like this is kind of a given, but I guess in England it just had to be said! People will be offering to buy you drinks like crazy, and your first reaction might be to take everyone up on the offer! (Seriously, when will this ever happen again?!) But it's also a looonngggg night. Remember when I said "take in the moments" above? You can't do that if you're drunk. 

Ask for water, too! I know that seems lame, but it's worth it. Again, it's a long night, and it can't hurt to drink water! I switched between wine and water throughout the night. Of course, I would have loved a few pints of cider (I know, I'm a classy bride), but I wanted to have a good, memorable time more than anything.   

That's cake in my face.... And there was zero alcohol involved in this.... Imagine if there was!

Ask for help if you need it

Like I said, I'm a control freak. I'd rather do everything myself. But my family had to remind me to ask for help when I needed it. Even help with the little things makes the day go by so much easier, like having a trusting and knowledgeable friend not in your wedding party keep track of your phone (when guests inevitably call because they got lost) or having someone responsible for a spare pair of shoes.    

Don't be afraid to NOT talk to people 

Obviously, don't be rude and blow people off. But literally, the day is all about you, and people will acknowledge that. There were times where it took me forever just to sit down for a hot second because I kept getting stopped by people! It was so nice and the attention was great, but it was also tiring! Don't be afraid to excuse yourself from a long conversation or to say you'll find them again in a little bit.  Or if you've found yourself in a big group conversation, lead everyone to the dance floor so you guys can have some fun!

Or if people keep bugging you, give the Best Man a knife and have him deal with them.... (Mostly) Kidding!

Like I said, the day and night goes by so quickly. It may not seem like it at the time, (seriously, I asked someone what time it was at one point and was like "gahh I'm exhausted and it's only 8:43!!!" I will forever remember that exact time....) but it's over before you know it. So follow this advice and take in those special moments with the ones you love!

Any more advice for the big day?


  1. Absolutely love the cafe lights (or regular white lights) at your ceremony! You and your husband look so happy... Anyway, great advice :)

  2. my cousin told me to smile no matter what... and don't snap at anyone... it helps you to take it all in,, you don't want to miss anything.. and she was right!
    it helped me to keep calm in spite of everyone seeming to want to annoy me that day.. maybe I was just being extra sensitive! these are good tips...


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