Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Back! Kind Of...

Hello world! How have you been?

It feels like it's been eons since I've sat at a computer screen. It was a nice break because usually my face is glued to my laptop and/or iPad. But it's bittersweet because all of this spare time means my family is back in America, things are getting back to normal, and I'm now married.

Oh yes, did I mention I'm married?!?!?!

This is literally the best picture I could find right now on Facebook and my mouth isn't even closed. And excuse the random arm on the side of this picture. My brain has forgotten how to edit photos right now.

Yes, the Fiance is now the Husband. Except I promise not to call him "the Husband". Or "Hubs". Or "Hubby". (Do those names bug anyone else??) He will forever just be known as Alex.

But getting back to the wedding, it was absolutely the best day and night of my life!

Even better news, I now have further leave to remain in England for another 2 years! I can stay! I can stay!!

More to come on both of these topics. This week is going to be another slow week for writing as I sort my life out and and then run 13.1 miles for fun. But on the plus side, this Sunday I will get to wear the shirt.

I'll be posting what I've been up to and such starting next week. Maybe even a bunch of wedding themed posts?! Hint hint!

But for now, just a major thanks to everyone who continues to read my journey across the pond!

And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Side note: This is the first Valentine's Day that Alex and I will spend together. Like, together as in on the same continent. (Our first v-day we were both still at university. Our second v-day I was working and at university and he was getting ready to work on a cruise ship. And our third I was working on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific! Crazy!) 

How are you?!?! Is everyone alive and well out there?! I haven't talked to you in ages!! What's new?!?


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you are back and I can't wait to hear more about the wedding. I've missed your cheerful, smart voice in my blog feed!

  2. I am a new reader and look forward to following your blog this year. Congrats on the wedding

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  3. Congratulations! I just married my handsome Englishman at the end of December. Look forward to reading your blog! x


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