Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thoughts About Last Year

2012 is officially last year... How crazy is that?!

But that also means that it's time for life to start going back to normal. The Fiance is back to work. No more over eating every box of chocolates that I lay eyes on. The telly isn't playing any more Christmas specials or Big Fat Quizzes of the Year. Major bummer. 

Every year, I think "this is going to be my year". 

In many ways, 2012 was my year. I thought a lot about what I learned in those 366 days (yes, leap year. When you work on a cruise ship, that extra day counts....) and I wrote down a million things like "Norovirus is scary" and "I like guacamole" (yes, I definitively learned I like guacamole in 2012). 

But I'll save you those real gems of my mind and just tell you the important things that I learned.

Sounding British doesn't take that long to kick in - I was speaking to an American friend and she said I sounded so British. My accent hasn't necessarily changed, but the emphasis I put on certain words, or how I finish sentences apparently sounded British! I thought that was funny and scary at the same time. 

Hiya, you alright, mate?!

Don't underestimate yourself - 2012 really taught me how to think more confidently about myself in many aspects. My abilities. My working skills. My writing. But most drastically my running. I'm so quick to say how slow I am. And yeah, I guess when you compare my splits to someone trying to sub-2:00 a half marathon or people who whip out 8 minute miles, I am slow. But I've improved so much since this year started, and that's what I need to focus on.

Don't overestimate yourself - At the same time, I'm only human. I have good days and bad days. Just because I ran a 31:13 5K doesn't mean I will run that or faster every single week. There's a big difference between setting realistic goals and overestimating what is physically possible.

(Pic taken while parasailing in Cabo!)  

You can't please everyone - I feel like I've been relearning this for a few years now. No matter how well you know someone, you find out their hard limits eventually. This year, it was finally moving to England and planning a wedding in another country while my parents ranted about it. Russell Howard said something hilarious recently... "I hate phrases like 'blood is thicker than water'.... Well so is yogurt!" It just summed up how I felt so perfectly. Please the people you need to please. If that means yourself, so be it!

Don't forget to have fun - Make time for fun. It's as simple as that. Fun is a morale booster unlike any other.

Working 14 hour shifts? Fine by me if I can play with dolphins afterwards.

Dreams come true - Cheesy without even elaborating. But it's true. Patience is an amazing thing that I most definitely don't possess. But waiting is worth it when it comes to following what you know is right for you.

Did you have any grand life lessons in 2012? What were they? Any life lesson is welcome, including but not limited to "bananas are gross" or "I don't enjoy Gangnam Style even though most of the world does".

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