Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Useless Facts Of Tay

When I saw Whitney was doing a "Facts of Me" link up, I nearly fell over with excitement. Such a clever idea from my fellow Nole Girl!

I love random facts about people. I wish people would introduce themselves with something completely ridiculous rather than the basics. I don't care how normal you are; I want to know that you wish the sky was made of hedgehogs and have a phobia of Styrofoam. We'll be best friends forever.

So here are some incredibly useless facts about me.

1. I've lived in England for nearly 4 months, but every Sunday I still look at the Target sales ad to see what things I "need" from there. I could probably live on Mars and I'd still look at the Target ad.  

2. When I find a book or book series that I like, I go crazy and read all day long to finish it. (At the end of this week you'll get to see what world I'm currently trapped in at the moment.)

3. I want to do a triathlon. I don't own a bike or any useful swimming gear.

4. I worked on a cruise ship for four and a half months. It was both my favorite job and my least favorite job. Downside: 14 hours days and zero days off. Perk: I got paid to go snorkeling in Maui.

Look, ma! No hands!

5. My fingers are "double jointed", which just means they're overly flexible. They overextend instead of going straight. I can bend my thumb all the way forward and all the way back to my wrist. It freaks most people out.

6. I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching "Beauty Gurus" on YouTube. You'd think I was massively into make-up. Nope. I SUCK at doing makeup!! I watch all these tutorials and fail miserably at them. If someone wants to teach me, I will pay you in hugs and Harry Potter facts.

7. I love braids. French braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, I've even masted the 5 stranded braid.

8. I'm so overprotective of my chap stick. I feel I have super bragging rights whenever I finish some Burt's Bees without losing it. You should be able to put that on your resume.

9. I think I accidentally started collecting English sports jerseys. I have 4 Southampton FC shirt, an England football shirt, an England cricket shirt, and an England rugby shirt. Oops!

10. I also accidentally started my shot glass collection. I bought a shot glass from London and one from Paris the first time I went abroad for my friend and ended up never giving them to her. Now every place I visit I have to buy a shot glass.

11. I've never seen "The Notebook".

12. I used to LOVE making t-shirts. I was obsessed with tie dye and puffy paint. And then I would legitimately wear them out in public. I look back and am like "WTF was I thinking?!" Although, I still think this personalized homemade crossword puzzle shirt is amazing.

The perks of being a camp counselor... Being able to dress like a fool. 

13. I love the number 13! It's my lucky number.

14.  I've been to Disney World in Orlando, Disney Land in California, and Disney Land in Paris. It's my life goal to go to every Disney park in the world!

15. I hate bananas. I tell people I'm allergic to them so that they don't come near me.

16. I started going to FSU when I was 17. Here's some advice for all the kiddies out there: don't go to college until you're 18. You'll spend many nights alone, not clubbing, watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Or maybe that was just me....

This is seriously what I used to do.... Take pictures on my new laptop. Oh look, another homemade t-shirt. I wish I was kidding.

17. My hair is naturally super straight. I absolutely hate it most days.

18. I put Frank's Hot Sauce on everything. I'm so happy they sell it in England!

19. I'd probably order off the kids menu if it was more socially acceptable. I'm sorry, I don't care about your catch of the day or fresh garden salads or whatever. Give me chicken nuggets and fries, please. And one of those coloring sheets and crayons while you're at it. And a Shirley Temple. With Vodka.

20. I touched Tom Felton's hand (the guy who plays Draco Malfoy in HP) at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere in London. We're best friends now (I wish).

That's him! He touched everyone hand, but mine was definitely the best.

Let's be friends! Let me know if you do the link-up!


  1. I started college at 17 too. Luckily it was only a couple months but I definitely went to way too many house parties!


  2. So fun! I love this idea post and enjoy reading about everyone lately! :)

  3. As a fellow Nole and HP lover, I'm super glad I found your blog :) I love the kids menu!

  4. So awesome. Snorkeling Maui is super fun, but I can see how that wouldn't be grand for 14 hours!

    I want to do a triathlon, too. I'm working on my 4th marathon. And I need a bike, too!

  5. Visiting from the linkup! I am a fellow Target-lover, and my hair is super straight too. Also super thick! I love watching beauty gurus on youtube but I suck at doing my hair/makeup! Bah. Who's your fave guru? Mine is Farah Dhukai. Lol!

  6. Mmmmm. Frank's Red Hot.
    Also, I love that you make shirts. I want one!!

    PS. GO NOLES!! :)

  7. This is great! Will have to come up with some facts myself now! :)

  8. Hook it up with a shirt girrrrl!!!

    ps 13 is one of my fave numbers too :)

  9. Target is my absolutely favorite store! Also, I'm totally jealous you have straight hair! Mine is naturally curly and sometimes it is a complete disaster!

    New Follower!

  10. I love Disney! I was just in Disneyland over New Year's. I would love to see Disney World and Disney Paris too!


  11. Do they not have Targets in England? I don't know what I would do! I always wanted to work on a cruise ship (just for a small amount of time). Tell me all about it!

  12. I have ALWAYS wanted to work on a cruise ship! But yes, I'm sure it would be exhausting.


  13. I LOVE your random facts!

    Also I was old for my grade when I started college - I was 18 about to turn 19. You don't think it's a big deal until you realize one day that you're basically a year older than your boyfriend. Oops. (I am very self conscious about that, I'm not quite sure why)


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