Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Snow Day

I'm from south Florida, where there's an abundance of sun but not a lot of snow. Actually, that "not a lot" part doesn't need to be there. There is no snow in south Florida. Ever.

But Friday, I experienced what every Floridian either dreams of or dreads........

A Snow Day.

Don't judge my pink wellies.

This wasn't just any snow day. I'd call it the Snow Bonanza of 2013.

It started snowing at around stupid o'clock in the morning. (Or so we've been told. We weren't awake at stupid o'clock.) By the time Alex woke up for work, it was clear that driving was not an option as it was snowing cats and dogs. Is that a real phrase? Do people say snowing cats and dogs? Well, you get the point.

So we did what any adults would do in this situation. We made a snowman.

My first ever snow man. I've made sandcastles out the wazoo in SoFla, but I've never made a snowman until now.

I asked Alex what we should name him. He said "John". I was thinking something more festive or punny. But I didn't object. His name is John.

We invited him to our wedding. We're BFFs.

Then we did what any adults should have done first in this snow day situation. We went to the pub.

This is not the pub. This was our journey to the pub. This is also where I run. Normally it's green and has paths. Lots and lots of paths. But it has turned into a blanket of running death now. 

Shameless photo opp with pretty snow trees.

When we finally made our trek through the snow to the pub, it was packed with people! And it wasn't even 3:00 yet! Yes, schools are shut. Offices are closed. But you best believe the pub is open!

We didn't want to deal with the big groups of "shh don't tell my boss I'm here" people drinking their £8 a glass mulled cider. So we braved the cold outside before meeting up with friends.

Snow on the table keeping my cider cold. Yes, it is minus whatever degrees outside, and my concern is keeping my drink cold. Actually, not really. This just shows the amount of snow that built up on the table.

About 4 ciders and 84 pointless expat stories later (seriously, that's all people do is ask me about my Americanisms), I survived my first snow day!

Anyone else survive the Snow Bonanza of 2013 this weekend??!


  1. I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed your first snow day! I spent most of the weekend inside hiding from it although I couldn't resist a walk in it yesterday, everything looked so pretty.

  2. Yay! SO fun! It snowed here in Dublin too yesterday, and today! Definitely not as much, but still exciting enough.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your first snow day! It's still snowing here in Wales...looks like there's more to come this Friday too!


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