Monday, June 17, 2013

Snorkeling In Egypt - Boat Trip Part 1

On our last full day in Egypt, Alex and I took a boat trip into the Red Sea to go scuba diving, which you will hear all about tomorrow! However, they also gave us the opportunity to go snorkeling!

Don't mind my 700 chins in this picture.....

(And FYI, thank heavens for my underwater camera!)

I've been snorkeling twice before, once in Mexico and once in Maui. But snorkeling in the Red Sea was amazing!

There were so many different types of fish! We even found Nemo! I didn't get a picture though...

The coral was absolutely gorgeous and just swarming with sea life!

My flippers.... How exciting....

There were also dolphins that were swimming all around and under the boat! I've never seen so many in my life! The people who worked on the boat said they've never seen that many dolphins before either!

Alex and I back on the boat looking quite squinty from the sun!

Snorkeling was definitely a fun experience. But scuba diving was way better! Tune in tomorrow for our Boat Trip Part 2!

Have you ever gone snorkeling before? Where was it? What did you see?

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