Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cairo In A Day

While in Egypt, Alex and I stayed in a city called Sharm El Sheikh, which is on the Sinai Peninsula. It was only about a 45 minute plane ride to Cairo, so we decided to take a day trip!

(Side note, I would definitely recommend booking a tour with a known travel group. It may cost a bit more money, but it's way safer. Cairo is not the prettiest city...) 

It was a long day, but we got a lot done!

Mosque at the Citadel of Salah Al-Din.

Since we were in a Mosque, all the women had to cover up. AKA pay about 50p to rent this lovely get up. Alex took this as a photo opportunity. The look on my face says 'I love you, but you're super annoying.'

We then went to the Egyptian Museum which was really cool! Unfortunately, cameras aren't allowed inside so I couldn't get any pictures. But the things they had in there were beyond amazing! The most impressive bits were the mask of Tutankhamun, and (for an extra fee) the mummy room!

(Just some of our ticket stubs from the day!)

Next we drove to Giza to see the pyramids!

I couldn't believe how close you could get to the pyramids! I mean, you could just go up and touch them. You could even climb them if you wanted to!

Sphinx! (Side note, love the guy in the background.)

Seriously, how amazing does this look? So impressive! Also, do clouds exist in Egypt? I don't think I saw a cloud the entire time I was there. Just sun... and lots of it if you couldn't tell from this photo!

General Thoughts: I'm glad we went to Cairo, but I don't think I'd ever go back. (I'd go back to Sharm El Sheikh in a heartbeat though!) It's an amazing place to visit and admire once. Like I said, it's not pretty. I'd recommend taking the day trip to see the sites, and then you'll have a lifetime of memories and bragging rights! 

Have you ever been to Cairo or is it on your bucket list??


  1. I love that last picture - it's just gorgeous there! How hot was it while you were there?

    When we visited some mosques in Southeast Asia, they also provided the super sexy cover-ups! :o)

  2. We went to Cairo with an Egyptian friend and loved it. In addition to what you hit, we visited the bazaar, did a river cruise, checked out the Cairo Tower, ate lots of local food and visited the Mohammed Ali Mosque, plus a day trip to Alexandria. The museum was one of my favorites though, and I thought the pet mummies were the best part! Glad to hear you tried Sharm too.

    1. But to follow up on my comment, the city is a little dirty so I can understand your sentiment :)

  3. Great pictures! I'd love to visit Cairo, especially after seeing your pictures. I know what you mean about "visit and admire once" cities- Hanoi, Vietnam was the same way for me.


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