Friday, March 22, 2013

Inside The Wardrobe - Spring Is Here, Kind Of

For the first time (minus when I had that little 5 month adventure on the cruise ship...) in my life I'm not in Florida for Spring. Not like Florida gets seasons anyway, but at least I could always count on the sun shining and Target having new bathing suits and sandals for the first day of Spring.

Which makes me think.

The first day of spring really isn't the first spring day for most places, is it? I mean, I wouldn't go outside today in a strapless floral dress today. But hey, I can dream, right?

So this is more inspiration for the first spring day. Floral dress. Aviator sunglasses (which I normally live in when the sun... you know... comes out to play... a rarity in England). Simple crochet flats.

Can't wait for the first spring day!

Springtime. Has it made an appearance where you live?? What are your essential items for springtime?

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  1. Yes, Springtime always arrives to Florida extra early! Pretty outfit! Love the dress! :)

  2. So in love with that dress, and those darling shoes! Spring has NOT made an appearance here yet-- waiting anxiously for some warmer temps and more sun!
    xx, Emily

  3. I'm so happy that Spring's finally here! YOu put an adorable outfit together! LOVE the dress!!

    It would mean a lot if you'd swing by my blog :)

    Hope you have an awesome day!

  4. Love that dress... floral is so in right now! I need to get on board!


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