Friday, March 15, 2013

Inside The Wardrobe - Lucky Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Well, for Sunday at least. Green is my fave color in case you didn't know. So wearing green is never a faux pas in my wardrobe!

I'm actually doing a 10K on Sunday. And unfortunately I won't be running it in this lovely get up. If I could, I would!

Of course I went for green and gold! I feel those are very St. Patrick's Day appropriate. Green like leprechauns. Pots of gold. Yes, I think this is very fitting.

And random owl bracelet. Well to be honest, not that random for me. I've accumulated so much owl jewelry over the years (when I was packing to move to England I think I counted at least 15 owl necklaces alone...) that it's probably a rare occasion if I don't have an owl on. Not that I think owls are particularly lucky, but if I'm dressing for luck it will probably include an owl. Just sayin'!

What do you wear for luck?? What are you sporting this year for St. Patty's Day??

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  1. Loving that dress! Good luck on your 10k! Xo

  2. LOVE that dress, and so pretty with all the gold jewels!

  3. Good luck on your 10k! I am training for my first half and getting nervous! Hope you wear lots of green... even if you can't wear that fab dress!

  4. omg. I just found your blog and I can't stop reading. It seems to be about all things I'm loving and that's kinda scary :D
    England, Harry Potter, etc.

    greetings from germany :)


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