Monday, April 15, 2013

What I Bring To The Table

Hi! How's life been treating you? I feel like I haven't had a whimsy post in a while. So here we go.

The other day at work we were randomly talking about what we all bring to the table. Our talents. What we're brag worthy of. I mean, we all have things that are particularly brag worthy in the best sense of the word. Things that are unique.

So I had a little think. I thought I'd share 5 things that I think I bring to the table with you guys, so in case any situation arises where I'd need to bring these things to the table, you know who to contact.

1. Noticing movie editing mistakes - I am fantastic at pointing out movie/TV show mistakes. Don't understand what that means? Basically, here's a prime example. So George from Movie XYZ puts his cup down on top of a napkin on the table, then the shot changes to the other side of the table and the napkin is gone from under the cup. That's a movie editing mistake. This is due to the multiple takes that the actors obviously have to do. And I am the asshole that points out these mistakes without fail. I find mistakes in every movie without even trying. It's a natural ability, I swear. People hate watching movies with me because I just shout "MISTAKE" when I see them. (Sorry in advance if you ever have to watch a movie with me.)

2. Eating things that are pickled - I know, it's gross. But it's a gift that I utilise quite often. I'd probably try anything if it was pickled. If there's ever situation where picked onions/eggs/beans/asparagus needs to be eaten, I'm your girl.

3. Looking at pictures of cats online - What can I say? I am a champion cat picture admirer. I have "I Can Has Cheezburger" bookmarked. And then someone invented Pinterest, and I have a cat board. Yep, I definitely bring crazy cat lady to the table.

4. Telling pointless stories - You know how you were talking about baking a cake and then I started saying something that I thought was relevant but ending up going off on a tangent about that one time my friend accidentally flung a bit of salami at a vegetarian? Yep, that's what my friends and family call a "Taylor story." And their indifference to my pointless stories is probably why I started a blog.

5. Re-reading books - I'm probably better at re-reading my favourite books than I am at reading new ones. I have about 5 series right now that I can pick up at any moment and just obsess over. I'd probably rather re-read one of those than have "the misfortune" of starting something new. I love re-reading my favourite parts. I love re-reading and seeing foreshadowing or correlations or picking up on new things I didn't see the first time. I'm really really ridiculously good at re-reading, but sometimes just reading something new is like pulling teeth.

So that is what I bring to the table. These are my brag worthy talents and I am very proud to call myself a pickled loving, pointless story telling, movie mistake shouting, cat picture admiring, re-reader!

What sorts of talents do you bring to the table? What random talents do you consider "brag worthy" or "at the professional level"?

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  1. What a great time for this post! I can write mirror, speak gibberish, and juggle. None of those are skills that will help me in the professional world, but maybe are still brag-worthy?

    I nominated you for a Liesbster award- Check out my blog :)


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